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Together in one great value package - the iconic Class 20 Advanced heavy diesel in a set of popular liveries, the FEA-F RHTT (Rail Head Treatment Train) and FNA Nuclear Flask wagons. With top quality modelling, Advanced Activscript coding, exacting attention to detail throughout and 15 scenarios for a variety of routes, this is haulage heaven!

The Class 20 is an iconic diesel locomotive built in the UK and still giving sterling service all over the network. It's accompanied here by the unique RHTT (Rail Head Treatment Train) used to clear the infamous “leaves on the line” during the leaf fall season and the ultra-strong FNA Nuclear Flask wagons that are used to transport nuclear materials around the UK.


  • Class 20 locomotive in 15 liveries
  • FNA nuclear flask wagon
  • FEA-F RHTT wagon
  • Dynamic exhaust - dense smoke at start-up, colour and density varies with engine load and temperature
  • External rain effects on glass which are cleared by wiper operation
  • Variable-speed, independent left and right rain-clearing wipers which work with TS2014 rain effects
  • Working cab and instrument lights
  • Quick Drive compatible
  • TS2104 lens flare on HID light-equipped locomotives
  • Ammeter tracks RPM as well as throttle position
  • Braking too hard for extended periods will lead to an audible wheel flat forming
  • Individual horn tones
  • Driver’s key (must be inserted before reverser can be moved)
  • Operating AWS isolation (must be set to On to allow locomotive to be driven)
  • AWS/DSD self-test and warning buzzer and bell
  • Enhanced cab detail and texturing
  • Custom couplings
  • Custom driver model
  • Custom bogie and coupling sounds
  • Forward and reverse driving positions
  • Headcode discs and red lamps controlled by lighting switches above side windows
  • Springs/suspension
  • Electrical and hose connections 
  • Appropriate period lights 
  • Headcode boxes 
  • Disc headcodes 
  • 3D access cover handles
  • Rotating roof ventilation fan 
  • Authentic and highly detailed cab 
  • Custom physics
  • 15 scenarios for various routes
  • and much, much more


Class 20 'Advanced' Manual

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