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    The F40PHL-2 diesel locomotive is perfect for commuter services in sunny South Florida, and is now here for Train Simulator, complete with bi-level commuter coaches and driveable cab car.

    The F40PHL-2 is among the most unique and fascinating locomotives found in the U. S. While similar in design and purpose to the famed Electro-Motive F40PH diesel, the F40PHL-2 model was custom-built in 1988 for South Florida’s Tri-Rail commuter agency by locomotive remanufacturer Morrison-Knudsen, a firm also known as a construction and engineering company, building such famed infrastructure projects as the Hoover Dam and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.

    The F40PHL-2 was built on the frames of retired Conrail GP40 locomotives, with 3,200 horsepower Electro-Motive 645-series power plants and EMD Dash 2 electronics. The units’ 645-series engine provides power both for traction and for a HEP generator to provide electricity to its commuter consist.. To give the unique diesels a stylish exterior, Morrison-Knudsen used ex-Burlington Northern F45 cabs and carbodies.

    With five F40PHL-2 diesels as motive power, Tri-Rail began operating commuter services on the Miami – West Palm Beach route in January 1989. Initially serving with the F40PHL-2 were Bombardier-built bi-level commuter coaches and cab cars purchased from GO Transit in Canada.

    The EMD F40PHL-2 for Train Simulator is available in ‘Miami Commuter Rail’ livery and features dynamic braking, ditch lights, and instrument lights. Bombardier bi-level commuter coaches with passenger view are also included, along with a driveable rear cabcar.


    • EMD F40PHL-2 in ‘Miami Commuter Rail’ livery
    • Features include dynamic braking, ditch lights, and instrument lights
    • Bombardier bi-level commuter coaches
    • Driveable cabcar
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 3 scenarios for the Miami – West Palm Beach route, also available on Steam.



    Miami Commuter Rail F40PHL-2 Manual

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