Microsoft Flight Simulator | KBCE: Bryce Canyon Airport

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Orbx KBCE: Bryce Canyon Airport can be purchased directly from the Marketplace which can be found in-game. Alternatively it can be purchased directly from the vendor by clicking the button below.

Explore the National Parks of the Southwest!

Acclaimed developer Ken Hall brings his developing flair to this historic airfield, located in the dramatic canyon hinterlands of Southern Utah. Serving the famous national park of the same name, Bryce Canyon is a high-altitude airport that hosts GA and corporate flights from across the United States. The airport is perfectly situated for exploring many of the Parks of the southwest; beyond Bryce Canyon National Park itself, Zion, Grand Staircase, Arches, Monument Valley and the north rim of the Grand Canyon are just short flights away. Whilst located halfway between Vegas and Salt Lake City, Bryce Canyon is also perfect to pair with other well-known aviation destinations nearby, including Boulder City, Telluride, Sedona, and the new airport at St George.

Ken has brought his famous eye for detail to this new airfield; all buildings have been perfectly recreated in complete UHD detail. Careful implementation of PBR and normal mapping brings out the best of the new sim engine, whilst custom hand-edited aerial imagery brings a considerable improvement to the ground colouring and detail over the default Bing imagery. As a historic airfield with ties to the early days of air travel, the main hangar is a famous landmark of the area - you may even note the rudimentary navigation arrow painted on the roof, showing the way for pioneering aviators flying to Salt Lake City.

Perfect for exploring some of the most stunning topography in the United States, Bryce Canyon Airport is available now for Microsoft Flight Simulator.


  • Meticulous depiction of Bryce Canyon Airport, Utah
  • Hand-crafted PBR 4k textures and UHD modelling
  • Beautiful custom aerial imagery
  • Stunning canyonside location
  • Completely weather-influenced ground poly
  • Sloped runway
  • Historic hangar
  • Dynamic & emissive night lighting
  • Perfect base for exploring the National Parks of the Southwest US
  • Close to Bryce Canyon, Zion, Grand Staircase and the Grand Canyon
  • Corrected vegetation, grass and elevations
  • Created with the assistance of airport management from extensive ground photography
  • Perfect for short flights to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City
  • From acclaimed developer, Ken Hall



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