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Naval Action: L'Hermione


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Naval Action - L'Hermione is a premium consumable ship

Hermione is Concorde-class frigate. She ferried General Lafayette to the United States in 1780 for support to the Americans in the American Revolutionary War.
It's a beautiful ship, one of the most agile and powerful in its class.

Ship stats
Guns - 46
Crew - 280

About premium consumable vessels.
Premium ships cannot be captured by players or traded. You can request this vessel from the admiralty once a day as long as you dont have the same vessel already in your docks. You will be able to request the frame and planking wood type when ordering a ship. Admiralty requests for this ship will be completed instantly.

Imported DLC ships are perfect if you just want to jump into action quickly, ignoring hauling of resources, just buy guns, repairs and you are good to go.
DLC will appear in your redeemable list after you dock to any port.