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Built by General Electric in the 1950s to haul coal for the Virginian Railway, a group of 3,300-horsepower ignitron rectifier electrics were purchased second-hand in 1963 by the New Haven Railroad to haul tonnage between New York City and New Haven, Connecticut. Now, these powerful electrics – designated EF-4s by the NYNH&H – are ready for Train Simulator duty.

The ignitron rectifier electrics (often called GE E-33s) were purchased by the New Haven to restore electric freight operations on the railroad’s New Haven – New York City route. Weighing in at 394,000 and provided 98,500 lbs. of tractive effort, the road-switcher-style electrics were assigned road numbers 300-310 and dressed in a flashy New Haven vermillion, white, and black livery. On the NYNH&H, the six-axle (C-C) GE locomotives assumed virtually all mainline freight operations across the railroad’s electrified territory, working between Cedar Hill Yard in New Haven, Oak Point Yard in the Bronx, and Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge Yard. Although they had been constructed as heavy haulers, the electrics were also capable of quick running, being geared for a 65-mph top speed. By virtually all accounts, the EF-4s served the New Haven well and were a welcomed assignment by the road crews. Following the New Haven’s merger into Penn Central, the electrics served PC and eventually Conrail before being retired in 1981.

Created in extraordinary detail by Partner Programme developer Reppo, the NYNH&H EF-4 for Train Simulator faithfully recaptures the features and operating characteristics of this distinctive electric locomotive. The EF-4 is provided in both “running” and “cold and dark” variations, the latter featuring a realistic, multi-step start-up process. To provide period-appropriate equipment to accompany the EF-4, the pack also includes a 40-foot New Haven boxcar in familiar orange livery, NYNH&H’s classic NE-5 steel cupola caboose, and, for AI use, a New Haven Electro-Motive GP9. And the pack also includes four career scenarios for the NEC: New York – New Haven route which represents much of the ex-New Haven mainline trackage over which the distinctive and iconic rectifier electrics operated.


  • New Haven E-33 (EF-4 class) electric locomotive
  • Running and “cold and dark” versions
  • Highly authentic operating features and controls
  • Manual hand-operated air pump to raise pantograph when cold and dark
  • Realistic braking control
  • Authentic failures when Main Reservoir air pressure is too low
  • Electrical and air system simulation with many interactive controls
  • Detailed Operating Manuals
  • Accurate In-Cab Signalling System
  • Multiple detailed cab views
  • Detailed passenger view in the Caboose
  • New Haven 40-foot steel boxcar
  • New Haven NE-5 steel cupola caboose
  • New Haven Electro-Motive GP9 for AI use
  • Four challenging career scenarios for the NEC: New York – New Haven route, also available on Steam
  • Quick Drive compatible