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    Electro-Motive’s F40PH line of diesel locomotives represented the face of North American passenger railroading for more than a generation. Between 1976 and the early 1990s, more than 400 of the highly successful 3,000- and 3,200-horsepower diesel locomotives were constructed and served in intercity and commuter service, across the continent.

    In 1981, NJ TRANSIT purchased 17 EMD F40PHs and a decade-and-a-half later, extended the units’ careers through a rebuilding process that included installation of auxiliary Caterpiller diesel head-end-power (HEP). Following this rebuilding process, which was performed by Conrail at its famed Juniata (Altoona, Pennsylvania) shops, the NJ TRANSIT locomotives were classified as F40PH-2CATs and went on to provide another decade-and-a-half of capable duty on NJ TRANSIT’s sprawling commuter rail system.

    Throughout their long careers, the stylish F40PH-2CATs were regularly employed on NJ TRANSIT’s North Jersey Coast Line, operating to and from Hoboken Terminal, as well as powering the “shuttles” between Long Branch and Bay Head, New Jersey. Thus, the veteran F40PH-2CAT is an ideal and highly authentic locomotive for service on Train Simulator’s NJCL route. The NJ TRANSIT F40PH-2CAT includes a range of advanced features including NJ TRANSIT’s in-cab signal system and HEP start-up and shutdown.

    The F40PH-2CAT is accompanied by NJ TRANSIT’s Comet IV commuter coach and a drivable Comet V cab-car for push-pull operations, and comes with three career scenario for the North Jersey Coast Line route.

    The locomotive is also Quick Drive compatible, giving you the freedom to drive the NJ TRANSIT F40PH-2CAT on any Quick Drive enabled route for Train Simulator.


    • NJ TRANSIT F40PH-2CAT diesel locomotive
    • NJ TRANSIT in-cab signal system and other advanced control features
    • Comet IV commuter coach and drivable Comet V cab car
    • Quick Drive Compatible
    • 3 career scenarios for the North Jersey Coast Line route, also available on Steam


    NJ TRANSIT F40PH -2CAT Manual

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