Network SouthEast Class 415 '4EPB' EMU Add-On

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    Slam door multiple units were a much loved and classic sight on the UK capital’s rail network from the 1950s onwards, and now one such unit – the Class 415 ‘4EPB’ – comes to Train Simulator, perfect for the South London Network route.

    Introduced in 1951, the ‘4EPB’ (4-car, Electro-Pneumatic Brakes) was a classic southern ‘slam-door’ third-rail EMU which had a career spanning 44 years, and became the most numerous class on the region after the withdrawal of Class 405 ‘4SUBS’. Each four-car set was comprised of two powered driving cars and two trailers, originally with compartment seating but later refurbished with open seating.

    The units were designed for a mixture of inner-city and suburban operations on third third-rail DC lines out of south London, and a top speed of 75mph (121km/h) was enough for runs further out of town.

    In 1960, the first British Rail designed units were introduced, based on then current Mk1 Suburban stock. A refurbishment of the Class in the late 1970s and early 1980s saw compartment stock converted to open saloons, and both seating and luggage racks replaced with standard Mk2 fittings.

    Despite their numerous numbers, the 4EPBs were withdrawn from service by 1995, with one four-car unit preserved.

    The Class 415 ‘4EPB’ for Train Simulator is available in Network SouthEast livery as a Class 415/6 variant, indicating refurbished stock of BR design. Features of the model include passenger view, slam-door sound effects, guard’s whistle when setting off, and high intensity headlamp.


    • BR Class 415/6 ‘4EPB’ in Network SouthEast livery
    • Slam-door sound effects
    • Guard’s whistle
    • High intensity headlamp
    • Passenger view
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 3 scenarios for the South London Network route, also available on Steam.


    Class 415 '4EPB' EMU Manual

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