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    Polities is a real-time strategy and nation simulation game.

    Grow your tribe from a single primitive settlement to a technologically advanced civilization. Compete with other tribes for control of territory and resources as you form alliances and make enemies. Conquer the nations around you to build an expansive and barbarous empire or focus on trade and development to nurture a prosperous and civilized state.

    Features include:

    • 50+ buildings with unique effects that influence the development of your tribe.
    • Thousands of unique units that can be created from a variety of weapon, vehicle, armor, and engine combinations.
    • A complex progressive research system that requires you to carefully balance your tribe's technological progress with its economic productivity as you complete any of 150+ research projects.
    • Dynamic worlds created by a multi-seed based world generator that factors in elevation, temperature ranges, precipitation and more.
    • Several administrative and religious government types that complement the culture of your tribe.
    • In-depth data on everything from your tribe's economy to the health, education and happiness of its citizens



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