Many signs relating to signals or signal placement have been placed retrospectively over the years in response to incidents such as a signal passed at danger (SPAD). There is therefore no hard and fast rule as to where these signs are placed and can therefore be seen in many different locations. Signs such as countdown boards are now placed in many locations around the country whereas more bespoke items such as the D.R.A. reminder are relatively rare.

Countdown Markers

Countdown markers can now be found in a range of locations around the UK and are found in differing variations and colour schemes with the most common being red or black. Designed to give the driver a visual reminder of the distance remaining to a signal classed as at risk, the marker boards are placed at a standard distance of 300m, 200m and 100m.

Image depicting a series of lineside countdown markers.

Signal Reminder Board

These boards were placed at a distance of around 600-700 yards in the early 1990's for a specified signal and would often be accompanied by a permanent AWS warning indicator. This was deemed as an assistance for drivers where a signal was unsighted or deemed at risk.

Image depicting a signal reminder board.

Signal Ahead Board

Similar to the signal reminder board, these were placed in greater number and had an accompanying 'Signal Ahead' notification on a plate below the main board and were placed at a similar distance from the specified signal. Quite often another plate would be added underneath specifying the distance to the signal.

Image depicting a signal ahead warning sign.

D.R.A Reminder Sign

These signs were originally placed at several locations in the South of England and have subsequently found their way to other parts of the network. The sign shows the words D.R.A. Reminder along with the image of a red stop signal. It is intended as a visual reminder for the driver to set his Driver Reminder Applicance when the platform end signal is at danger or the signal preceding it was displaying a caution aspect.

Image depicting a drivers reminder appliance ign.

Signal Reminder Board (Scotland)

Some of these signs were placed at locations in Scotland to replace the older signs which had a yellow background. They were placed at locations deemed to be at risk and would have an accompanying arrow pointing in the direction of the signal.

Image depicting a signal reminder board along with accompanying direction arrow.