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    The Ruhr-Sieg line is a wonderful German route with something for everybody, including passenger and freight trains and a choice of diesel, electric and steam locomotives.

    The line from Hagen to Siegen in Rhine-Westphalia was completed in the 1860s and primarily handled coal traffic, feeding the steel mills around Siegen. As passenger traffic increased, stations were built at towns along the line such as Finnentrop, Letmathe and Kreutzal and the line became a fast passenger link as well as a busy freight route for wood, steel and coal trains. The Ruhr-Sieg line for Train Simulator recreates the line from Hagen to Siegen and includes a mixture of diesel, electric and steam locomotives plus scenarios to let you explore this busy route.


    • Ruhr-Sieg line from Hagen to Siegen via Finnentrop including Siegen roundhouse
    • DB Class 151 electric locomotive in Railion livery
    • DB Class 143 electric locomotive in DB red livery
    • DB Class 101 electric locomotive in DB red, silver, blue and black liveries
    • DB Class 294 diesel locomotive in DB red and blue/ivory liveries
    • DB Class V200 diesel locomotive in DB re/grey and blue/ivory liveries
    • BR52 steam locomotive in black livery
    • 12 scenarios


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