San Diego Commuter Rail F59PHI

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Built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division, the F59PHI is most commonly used on passenger trains throughout North America. Most significantly, it was also the first train to meet California’s strict emission standards, a feature that has seen its use across North America.

Entering service in 1994, and continuing to be constructed for the next seven years, the F59PHI – successor to the F59PH – was fitted with a turbocharged 3,200hp, EMD 12-710E3 prime mover, giving a top speed of 110mph (177 km/h) with standard gearing.

The San Diego Commuter Rail F59PHI features an independent locomotive brake, cab lights, parking brake, engine start/stop procedure, Cab Control Car and passenger cars.


  • San Diego Commuter Rail F59PHI
  • Independent locomotive brake
  • Cab lights
  • Parking brake
  • Engine start/stop procedure
  • Cab Control Car
  • Passenger cars
  • Quick Drive compatible
  • 4 scenarios for the Pacific Surfliner: LA-San Diego route, also available on Steam.