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    The Class 465 Livery Pack requires the Southeastern Class 465 add-on to be installed, this is also available on Steam.

    Built following the dawn of sectorisation, as part of the ill-fated Networker program, the Class 465 was designed to revolutionise rail travel from Kent into London replacing old 4EPB Mk1 EMU’s to provide a faster and more stylish journey. The Class 465 fleet was constructed by BREL and Metro-Cammell (now GEC Alsthom) from 1991 to 1993 and by ABB Rail from 1993 to 1994. The Class 465 first entered service under British Rail’s Network SouthEast sector in 1992 and are still a regular sight throughout Kent and South East London to this day.

    The Class 465 accompanied in a new era for suburban travel in Kent, being operated particularly on the metro lines out of Charing Cross towards Dartford and Victoria to Rochester. With a top speed of 75 mph, quick acceleration and braking (including wheelslip protection), the Class 465 was without a doubt the perfect addition to the aging infrastructure and even brought with them many track and signalling upgrades to the lines they ran on.

    Two major variants of the Class 465 exist, those built by Metro-Cammell, the Class 465/2s, differed in design from the BREL (465/0) and ABB (465/1) models. Despite the differences between them they can interchange in operation resulting in quite the orchestra of traction motor sounds when departing a station.

    Since entering service, the Class 465 has seen some modifications; all variants featured a design change to the buffers as the original flat design proved to be too popular with thrill seekers, trespassers would often stand on them and hold onto the handrail or windscreen wipers. The new design is curved which prevents people standing.

    A number of Class 465/2s were sent to be refurbished in 2005, these refurbished units would be better equipped for longer haul services with First Class being the major change. These units were reclassified as Class 465/9s.

    Being a product of British Rail that has survived to this day, the Class 465s have seen a number of livery variations which have provided an interesting look to Kent and South East London for many years. After the fall of British Rail and Network SouthEast services were taken over by Connex, despite this many units were not re-painted into a new livery, resulting in the ‘toothpaste’ colour scheme being visible well into the early-to-mid-2000s. Even until recently there have been odd variations in design, however most of the Class is now brandishing Southeastern’s Blue Stripe livery.

    Today, the Class 465s are operated by Southeastern across many of the more suburban lines out of South East London, namely the North Kent Line into Dartford and Strood. They are also frequent traction on the Chatham Main Line from Rochester and Gillingham into London Victoria.


    • Class 465/2 in Southeastern’s Yellow No-Stripe Livery
    • Class 465/2 in Southeastern’s Blue No-Stripe Livery
    • Class 465/2 in Southeastern’s Blue Stripe Livery
    • Class 465/9 in Southeastern’s Yellow/Grey Livery
    • Class 465/9 in Southeastern’s Yellow No-Stripe Livery
    • Class 465/9 in Southeastern’s Blue Stripe Livery
    • Quick Drive compatible


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