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Ship Simulator Extremes: Inland Shipping

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Inland ship captains prefer the confined river and its banks to the vastness of the open ocean. But make no mistake, by no means is the river an easy ride and concentration is key when hauling cargo on a busy river to its destination. Lack of focus or experience can prove disastrous for your precious vessel, its cargo and your reputation. This new Inland Vessels campaign will guide you through some of the challenges an inland vessel captain faces.

Key features:

  • 3 New vessels to captain, including a new Inland Shipping Vessel, Harbour Tug and Small Support Vessel
  • Enhanced gameplay functionality, including 5 playable barges
  • Six brand new realistic missions featuring different tasks an Inland Captain faces and including the new vessels
  • Added Inland Vessels content & functionality to the Mission Editor, allowing for creation and sharing of specific Inland Shipping missions