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SimAirport: Frequent Flyer Pack


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Do you already consider yourself to be a SimAirport Frequent Flyer? Then the Frequent Flyer Pack may be the perfect way for you to make it truly official - consider stepping up to Platinum Diamond Gold Status today!

Here's what you get when you step up to Platinum Diamond Gold Status with the SimAirport Frequent Flyer Pack:

  • Your Name in the Game!

    Hundreds of thousands of passengers traverse through SimAirport every single day. This is your chance to be one of those passengers, for everyone! Your name, on a passenger, for everyone & forever.
  • Total of 19 Exclusive New Objects

    Jazz up your international terminals & provide a fresh view to your regional hubs. The Frequent Flyer Pack brings you 19 exclusive new objects and variations, all captured in the highest of quality. There are numerous new decorative bushes and trees, three awesomely modern sculpture pieces, several new combo bench-decoration objects, and more!