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    One of London’s iconic commuter electric multiple units comes to Train Simulator in Southern Trains livery.

    Originally starting life as a Class 510, the Class 455/8 was introduced in 1982 to replace the aging 4SUB and 4EPB units. Class 455/8s were part of the first batch of units to be delivered between 1982 and 1984. With all 46 Southern units allocated to Stewarts Lane Depot and 28 allocated to South West Trains at Wimbledon Depot.

    Formed of four vehicles - a Driving Trailer Second Open at each end, a Motor Second Open and Trailer Second Open in between - the Class 455/8 differed in a number of ways to Class 455/7 and Class 455/9 units.

    In June 2012, Southern Trains refurbished the fleet of 455/8s, retaining the original 3+2 seating layout but using high-back seats to improve passenger comfort, especially for commuters travelling long distances. The refurbishment also saw the gangway and door removed from the front of the trains, replacing them with an air conditioning unit. Other improvements included digital information boards and voiceover information systems, new inter-car doors and handrails, and new litter bins under the seats.

    The BR Class 455/8 for Train Simulator is available in Southern Trains’ green livery and features AWS, DRA, DSD and TPWS signalling and safety systems, engine start/stop, headlamps and tail/rear markers, cab and instrument lighting, and numberboards.


    • BR Class 455/8 in Southern Trains livery
    • AWS, DRA, DSD and TPWS signalling and safety systems
    • Engine start/stop
    • Headlamps and tail/rear markers
    • Cab and instrument lighting
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 3 scenarios for the South London Network route, also available on Steam.


    Class 455/8 'Southern' EMU Manual

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