Southern Class 421 ‘4CIG’ EMU Add-On

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    The 4CIG is a classic ‘slam door’ electric multiple unit and is now available in Southern livery with scenarios for the London to Brighton Expansion Pack.

    Introduced in 1964, the Class 421 4CIG (4-car Corridor Brighton stock) ran as a 4-car train comprising a driving trailer, motor coach, unpowered trailer coach and finally a driving trailer. It is a classic example of the ‘slam door’ EMUs which were once such a familiar sight across the rail networks of southern England. Extensive 3rd-rail electrification of the Southern Region led to the widespread adoption of these 90mph EMUs, and the 4CIG (British Rail Class 421) was initially introduced on the London-Brighton Line where its multiple doors enabled rapid turnaround of passengers at the many regular station stops .

    The 4CIG units received a facelift in the late 1980s, and continued in mainline passenger service into the 21st Century!


    • Class 421 4CIG electric multiple unit in Southern livery
    • 2 free roams and 4 scenarios for the London to Brighton route, also available on Steam



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