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    Train Simulator fully immerses you in a World of trains, transporting you to a place where you decide what to do, where and when. Experience the challenge of mastering a wide variety of different locos and learning the routes in every direction. Unlock your creative potential using powerful tools to create your very own routes and scenarios and enjoy your collection from the perspective of the driver, passenger or railfan. Whatever you love about trains, Train Simulator has it covered.

    Frankfurt High Speed

    Streak out of the historic city of Frankfurt and through the heart of Hesse in Deutsche Bahn’s vision of high speed travel. Featuring the largest freight yard in Europe at Mannheim and inter-regional and inter-city traffic.

    Soldier Summit & Salt Lake City Route Extension

    Delivering dramatic and challenging Denver & Rio Grande Western and Amtrak action across the rugged Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains, Soldier Summit & Salt Lake City brings a truly captivating and memorable experience for every railfan.

    Portsmouth Direct Line: London Waterloo to Portsmouth

    Departing Britain’s capital from London Waterloo through Britain’s busiest station, Clapham Junction, and traversing the picturesque route through the Surrey Hills and South Downs National Parks, Portsmouth Direct Line brings a unique experience of one of the busiest commuter networks in Britain.

    TS Academy

    Begin your career as a virtual train driver or engineer, driving or operating some of the world’s most amazing rail-bound machines.

    Real Railways

    Discover a world of amazing vistas, diverse railroads and railways, including challenging locomotives and trains.


    Create living worlds with easy-to-use comprehensive tools and share them with your friends and other players.


    Build a dream collection of routes, locomotives, trains and rolling stock with a vast array of content on the Steam store.


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