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    The ubiquitous Amtrak P42 DC is one of the most modern and fuel efficient diesel locomotive on the North American rail network, and is now available for Train Simulator.

    Most notable for its streamlined, low profile single carbody design, the P42 DC is unique among North American diesel-electric locomotives because of its low height, making it the only Amtrak diesel locomotive that meets clearance requirements on all Amtrak routes. Built between 1992 and 2001, the P42 DC is part of General Electric’s Genesis series, which also includes the P40DC and P32AC-DM.

    With a top speed of 110mph (177 km/h), the locomotive is used primary on most of Amtrak’s long haul and high speed rails services outside of the Northeast Corridor, including Amtrak’s famous ‘Empire Builder’ passenger service between Chicago, Portland and Seattle. The service first ran in 1929 and is one of Amtrak’s premier services, running across the picturesque Rocky Mountains.

    The General Electric P42 DC for Train Simulator is available in Amtrak’s Phase III ‘40th anniversary’ and Phase V liveries, accompanied by a full set of ‘Empire Builder’ Superliner double-decker passenger coaches in Amtrak Phase III and Phase IVb liveries. The locomotive also features flashing crossing lights, working cab lights, opening windows and working sun shades.


    • GE P42 DC in Amtrak Phase III and Phase V liveries
    • Full ‘Empire Builder’ Superliner passenger coaches in Phase III and Phase IVb liveries
    • Flashing crossing lights
    • Working cab lights
    • Working sun shades
    • Opening windows
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 4 Scenarios for the Marias Pass route, also available on Steam in certain territories.



    Amtrak P42 DC 'Empire Builder' Manual

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