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    One of the most well-liked and successful locomotives of the Great Western Railway, the Castle Class, speeds into Train Simulator in gleaming BR Brunswick Green liveries.

    Originally designed by Charles Collett, Chief Mechanical Engineer for the Great Western Railway, the origins of the Castle Class were in the Star Class of 1907, which introduced the basic four-cylinder 4-6-0 layout to steam locomotives. When introduced, the Castle Class was heralded as Britain’s most powerful express passenger locomotive with an average operating speed of 80mph (129 km/h) and a top recorded speed of 108mph (174 km/h).

    The first models in the Class were built in 1923 for the GWR at Swindon Works; construction continued at intervals until 1950, by which time 171 locomotives had been built. The first withdrawals started in the 1950s, with the last Castle Class being withdrawn in November 1965.

    However, eight locomotives in the Class have been preserved with two currently certified for mainline running. These preserved locomotives are often called upon to haul named special railtour services, including The Cornishman, The Bristolian and The Cornish Riviera Express.

    The Castle Class for Train Simulator is available early BR and late BR Brunswick Green liveries, as it operated for BR in the 1950s - 1960s, and includes a Collett 4,000 gallon tender. The model features advanced steam simulations such as a reverser lock, 3D fire in firebox, animated internal valve gear, cab controls animated in exterior view, switchable headboards and coach boards. Also included are BR Mk1 coaches in Chocolate & Cream livery.


    • Castle Class in early BR and late BR Brunswick Green liveries
    • Collett 4,000 gallon tender
    • Advanced steam simulations including reverser lock, 3D fire in firebox and animated internal valve gear
    • Cab controls animated in exterior view
    • Switchable headboards and coach boards
    • BR Mk1 coaches in Chocolate & Cream livery
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 4 scenarios for The Riviera Line: Exeter-Paignton route, also available on Steam


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