BR Standard Class 4MT

  • 4MT3
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  • 4MT2 the nationalisation of Britain’s railway network, which saw the “Big Four” merged into British Railways, the decision was made to continue building many steam locomotives to a standardised design. This approach would mean a variety of different locomotives, for various duties, could share a common range of parts and operate in a similar manner, keeping overall costs down.

    Many of the standard locomotive features were based on LMS designs, however, the 2-6-0 variant of the BR Standard Class 4 would be designed at Doncaster, an ex-LNER Works. 25 were built in Doncaster, and in fact the final one was the last steam locomotive to ever be built there; an additional 90 locomotives were built between Horwich and Derby Works, bringing the total up to 115.

    The BR Standard Class 4 2-6-0 “Mogul” was built for freight duties first and foremost, however their mixed-traffic capabilities would eventually see them on passenger trains as well. They would be spread out across the country, allocated to depots in the Eastern, London Midland, North Eastern, Scottish and Southern regions, making them a regular sight for all workers, commuters and enthusiasts of the era.

    Due to their introduction in the sunset years of steam, the class never really got a chance to prove itself; modernisation would run rampant in the 1960s and many examples wouldn’t even see a decade of service in before being withdrawn in favour of diesels. Of the 115 locomotives produced, only 4 would eventually survive into preservation.

    While the roaring fires of the Standard Class 4 Moguls have mostly gone out, the preserved examples are not the only thing left to remember them by, for Just Trains have recreated this workhorse within Train Simulator!


    • BR Standard Class 4MT in BR Black livery
    • Brake Standard Open, First Open and Tourist Standard Open Mk1 Coaches in Green, Maroon and Chocolate & Cream liveries
    • ”Warm” and “Hot” modes
    • Operating tender handbrake
    • Blowdown
    • Ability to clean out the smokebox, prime the lubricators and fill the sandboxes
    • Operable ash pan doors
    • Selectable shed plate codes
    • Opening tender doors
    • Carriage steam heating simulation
    • Reverser lock
    • Accurate steam chest
    • Working steam brake
    • Authentic vacuum brake
    • Ability to induce priming
    • Realistic injector performance and water gauges
    • Advanced particle system including glowing embers
    • Double-header operation
    • 4 standard scenarios and 2 free roam scenarios
    • Quick Drive Compatible



    Standard Class 4MT Manual

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