Train Simulator: BR Standard Class 7 ‘Britannia Class’

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    Experience the beauty of the Britannia with Just Trains’ BR Standard Class 7 locomotive!

    When the Big Four (LNER, LMS, GWR, SR) were nationalised in 1948 to form British Railways, a review was conducted on what existing locomotives were in need of replacement, and which proved to be the best basis for a brand new fleet that would cover until dieselisation.

    On the whole, designers favoured many features from the LMS locomotives, and as such, examples such as the BR Standard Class 4 and 5 heavily resembled the likes of Stanier’s famed Black 5. However, when a request was put in for a Pacific locomotive that was capable of express passenger duties, as well as hauling freight, designers turned to the Southern Railway for inspiration.

    The main influence was a combination of the SR’s Merchant Navy boiler and trailing wheels, combined with practices that kept weight in check, much like the Light Pacifics. Other, finer details were still brought in from the best of other locomotives, resulting in the BR Standard Class 7 (also called the Britannia Class) – a Stanier/Bulleid-like locomotive that was ready for mixed traffic work across multiple regions.

    Thanks to the efforts of Just Trains, the “Britannia” comes to authentic life in Train Simulator.

    Key Features

    • BR Standard Class 7 in BR Green livery
    • Clean, weathered, heavily weathered and as-preserved variants
    • Start off either from warm or hot mode, each with different servicing operations
    • Realistic features such as
      • Reverser behaviour
      • Regulator dynamics
      • Brake simulation
      • Wheelslip and skid animation
      • Damper and fire temperature control
      • And much more!
    • Includes Just Trains’ Mk1 coaches in multiple liveries
    • 3 Standard scenarios for the Great Western Main Line route
    • Quick drive compatible

    Train Simulator: BR Standard Class 7 ‘Britannia Class’ Manual

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    Train Simulator: BR Standard Class 7 ‘Britannia Class’ Tutorial