Train Simulator: Canadian Pacific AC4400CW

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    Searchlight Simulation's prestigious Canadian Pacific AC4400CW is a highly detailed, feature rich and complex locomotive simulation designed for serious train enthusiasts looking for the absolute best experience possible. Given this unique and complex simulation, please be aware that this locomotive is usable in Train Simulator 64-bit only, requires higher than normal computer requirements, and you may need to adjust your in-game settings to get the best possible experience. Please refer to the accompanying user manual to ensure you fully understand the requirements and for more information.

    A very early pioneer of adopting AC traction, Canadian Pacific first tried this new technology in an MLW M640 locomotive in 1984. Seeing the benefits of extreme heavy haul and low speed capability AC traction had to offer, CP shelved the MLW M640 opting to wait until the technology developed enough for a fleet wide replacement of the venerable EMD SD40-2.

    This opportunity came in 1994 with General Electric's AC4400CW series locomotives, which were available for production more readily than EMDs SD70MAC. Capable of a theoretical 180,000 lbs of starting tractive effort, no chance of burning out windings like their fleet of DC traction power, CPs demanding passes of Kicking Horse and Rogers Pass in the west, and the increase in demand for more heavy tonnage trains such as Coal, Potash, and Sulfur, the GE AC4400CW was the perfect match to reduce failures, fleet size, and increase efficiency to better compete on the market.

    The Canadian Pacific AC4400CW comes dressed in the beautiful Canadian Pacific Golden Beaver livery specific to the #8600-8655 and #9700-9740 number series. These Units were delivered to CP between 2001 to 2003 and all feature the distinct Self Steering trucks, white frame stripes and a beautiful Nathan K3L Airchime, playing the classic Canadian tuned D minor chord.

    The model itself being extremely detailed down the smallest bolt, full under sill detailing, and an extremely accurate control interior you may not want to leave. Climb in the air ride seat, open the windows and prepare to be enveloped in the chaotic immersive 3D sound! With the most realistic recreation of Multi Function displays in a North American product, and train information readily available with the press of a key, you can feel like a professional with the same aids a real engineer has at his fingertips.

    Accompanying the AC4400CW in this add-on are the Action red and black "Bathtub" Coal gondolas, the for later sulphur service used black and orange "Bathtub" gondolas and a fully functional End Of Train Device (EOTD). The add-on also comes with 5 fully researched prototypical scenarios that will challenge you in different levels of train handling skills.

    Throttle modulation for good on time performance, dynamic braking and balanced braking for controlled descents, and adverse weather conditions that challenge all of the above will await you on heavy freight drags over the Rockies on Train Simulator’s classic Canadian Mountain Passes: Revelstoke-Lake Louise route (available separately).

    The Canadian Pacific AC4400CW: Big, bold, red - and now available for Train Simulator!

    Key Features

    • Canadian Pacific AC4400CW in CPR Beaver livery
    • Highest detailed locomotive model to-date with fully interactive cab
    • Openable doors/windows with fully modeled engine start station
    • Dynamic in-cab camera movement "Air Ride Seats"
    • Advanced brakes simulation
    • Realistic pulling physics based on train weight, length and available horsepower per ton
    • Full adhesion simulation with automatic wheelslip deration
    • MU (Multiple Unit) and DPU (Distributed Power Unit) setup with (EOT) telemetry information
    • Advanced AESS (Auto Engine Start/Stop System)
    • Self-Test (Load Test) with DID (Diagnostic Information Display)
    • IFC system with built-in IFD/SDIS screens
    • Distance Counter and locomotive monitor
    • Dimmable cab lights with variable speed controlled window wipers
    • Engine, oil, water and ambient temperature calculations
    • Dynamic power derates with functional TMCOs (Traction Motor Cut-Out)
    • Dynamically layered engine, horn/bell and accessory audio
    • Realistic exhaust effects
    • Advanced external and internal lighting effects with full night lighting
    • Toggleable gage lighting and headlight light casting
    • Key-activated shadow-casting for lights
    • Realistic Career scenarios for the Canadian Mountain Passes route, also available on Steam
    • Quick Drive compatible



    Train Simulator: Canadian Pacific AC4400CW Manual

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