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    The Class 325 is a striking dual-mode electric train, ideal for high-speed mail haulage in Train Simulator.

    Looking like a freight version of the familiar ‘Networker’ classes, the Class 325 is a purpose-built electric mail train capable of running on 25,000-volt AC overhead lines or 750-volt DC third-rail lines, depending on where it is operating. It is based on the Class 319 dual-voltage EMU and was introduced in 1995 to carry parcels on electrified lines, and intended to replace the older generation of locomotive-hauled mail trains. Visually, the most striking feature is the presence of roller-shutter doors instead of sliding passenger doors, and of course the lack of windows. Commonly seen operating along the West Coast Mainline, East Coast Mainline and Edinburgh-Glasgow line, the Class 325 can carry up to 12 tons of mail in each car at speeds up to 100mph. The use of mail trains has been subject to regular policy changes in the last few years, but Class 325s still run several times a day in either 4, 8 or 12-car configurations. For Train Simulator, the Class 325 EMU mail train includes opening side shutters, parcel trolleys and dual-voltage pick-ups like the real thing.


    • Class 325 dual voltage EMU with the following vehicle types: DTPMV – Driver Trailer Postal Mail Van, MPMV – Motor Postal Mail Van, TPMV – Trailer Postal Mail Van
    • Features include opening roller shutters, roller container mailbag trolleys, pantograph spark and more
    • 3 scenarios for the West Coast Main Line North route, also available on Steam


    Train Simulator Class 325 EMU Manual

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