Train Simulator: Clinchfield Railroad U36C

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    Hauling ponderous coal trains through America’s rugged Appalachian Mountains called for horsepower, lots of it, and in 1971 the famed Clinchfield Railroad purchased General Electric’s U36C diesel, then one of the most power locomotives in the world.

    And now, the burly and powerful 3,600-horsepower, six-axle (C-C) General Electric U36C comes to Train Simulator in the distinctive black-and-yellow livery of the Clinchfield!

    General Electric’s U36C was produced by GE at its historic Erie (Pennsylvania) plant from 1969 through 1974. The big diesel was one of GE’s final and most powerful variants of its famed line of “U-Boats” and was powered by GE’s reliable four-cycle FDL16 power plant. The six-axle diesel weighed nearly 400,000 pounds and exerted 92,500 pounds of tractive force.

    Before being succeeded in the General Electric catalog by the GE Dash 7-36C, the U36C garnered orders for 125 units from four U. S. railroads – the Santa Fe, Milwaukee Road, Erie-Lackawanna, and Clinchfield – as well as two railroads in Mexico.

    Clinchfield acquired seven of the locomotives (CRR road numbers 3600-3606) in late 1971, and together with the EMD SD45-2, they were the most powerful locomotive types on the CRR. Purchased primary for coal-train service, the husky “U-Boats” could often be founding working Clinchfield’s priority manifest freights as well. As the only GE diesels on the Clinchfield, the U36Cs were somewhat out of place and in 1977 CRR swapped all its U36Cs to parent Seaboard Coast Line for a group of eight SCL SD45s. The ex-CRR U36Cs went on to serve the Seaboard Coast Line and successors Seaboard System and CSX.

    The General Electric U36C for Train Simulator feature realistic details, controls, and sounds. It is dressed in Clinchfield’s final distinctive black-and-yellow livery. Accompanying the U36C in this DLC are a Clinchfield 100-ton, four-bay coal hopper as well as CRR’s noted “Santa Fe” style steel cupola caboose. And the DLC includes three career scenarios that will take you over the length of Train Simulator’s popular Clinchfield Railroad: Elkhorn City - St. Paul Route (route available separately).

    The Clinchfield GE U36C: Big, powerful – and now available for Train Simulator!

    Key Features

    • Clinchfield Railroad 3,600-horsepower General Electric U36C diesel locomotive
    • Authentic livery, details, controls, and sounds
    • Clinchfield Railroad 100-ton, four-bay coal hopper
    • Clinchfield Railroad “Santa Fe” style steel cupola caboose
    • Three career scenarios for the Train Simulator Clinchfield Railroad: Elkhorn City - St. Paul Route
    • Quick Drive compatible


    Train Simulator: Clinchfield Railroad U36C Manual

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