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    The breathtakingly fast CRH380A comes to Train Simulator for authentic and blinding Chinese high-speed action courtesy of Partner Programme developer Just Trains.

    Following the introduction of passenger-dedicated high-speed railways throughout China in 2007, several iterations of modern-age multiple units have been manufactured to take full advantage of the growing network. Earlier models, such as the CRH380D and CRH380B, were derived directly from foreign technologies developed by the likes of Bombardier and Siemens; however, it was the intention to also utilise foreign components and build entirely unique high-speed stock, and by 2010, such a feat had been achieved.

    The CRH380A, built by CSR Qingdao Sifang, was designed as a cutting-edge high-speed EMU that could easily achieve the typical, yet outstanding, 350 and 380 km/h speed limits. In testing, it achieved even higher speeds, with a 16-car variant exceeding 486 km/h, over 300mph! Being one of the fastest conventional trains in the world, the CRH380 was set to propel the millions upon millions of passengers that traverse China by high-speed rail every year.

    Like the Shinkansen Series of Japan or the TGV Series of France, the CRH380A’s distinct streamlined nose is a formidable sight and paramount for attaining such high speeds. The sleek profile, combined with powerful traction equipment, required vibration and pressurisation systems and reliable high-speed bogies, allow for a unit which can do 0-380 in a mere 7 minutes, a fantastic achievement for rail traction. Of course, such speeds also require powerful and efficient brakes, and the CRH380 is fitted with top-of-the-range gear.

    Boasting high capacity, and high speed, the CRH380A from Just Trains is the pinnacle of modern tractive technology, and serves the Southwest China High Speed Network route (available separately and required to play these scenarios) with pride.


    • CRH 380A High Speed Train in Silver, White & Blue livery
    • CRH 380J-0203 ‘Comprehensive Inspection Train’ in Silver & Yellow ‘test’ livery
    • Detailed state-of-the-art driver's cab
    • Cruise Control
    • Flat-screen in-cab displays which show the next signal aspect, distance to next signal, next speed limit and distance to it on suitably equipped routes, Cruise Control set speed, brake pressures, door status, pantograph information and more
    • Operational speed monitor
    • Realistic and definable train service number display on the exterior of the cars, set from the driver's cab
    • Eight scenarios for the South West China High Speed route, also available on Steam.
    • Quick Drive compatible


    CRH 380A High Speed Train Manual

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