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    The mixed-traffic BR 152 is one of the most popular locomotives among drivers seen on Germany’s railways today.

    The high performance ES64F locomotive built by Siemens forms part of the company’s EuroSprinter range, and started life as a mixed traffic locomotive. However, almost all locomotives were reserved and assigned primarily for heavy freight duties.

    Built between 1996 and 2001 at Siemens’ manufacturing facility in Munich, the BR 152 first entered service in May 1998. Being very popular amongst drivers on freight revenue services, the BR 152 is an agile and capable locomotive able to cope with the rigours of heavy freight.

    Over 170 locomotives were built for Deutsche Bahn with an additional two locomotives sold to the leasing company Dispolok. Despite being classified as a freight locomotive, the BR 152 is fitted with appropriate equipment for hauling shuttle trains, such as train line and emergency brakes.

    The BR 152 for Train Simulator is available in Deutsche Bahn red and grey livery and features AFB, LZB, PZB and SIFA safety and signalling systems. Also included are Kkt, Sggrss and Shimms freight cars.

    The locomotive is also Quick Drive compatible, giving you the freedom to drive the DB BR 152 on any Quick Drive enabled route for Train Simulator, such as those available through Steam.


    • BR 152 in Deutsche Bahn AG traffic red livery
    • AFB, LZB, PZB and SIFA systems
    • KKt, Sggrss and Shimms freight cars
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 3 Scenarios for the M√ľnchen-Rosenheim route, also available on Steam


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