DB BR423 EMU Add-On

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    The BR423 is a familiar sight on Germany’s city commuter routes and this popular EMU (electric multiple unit) is ideal for running passenger services on your German routes in Train Simulator.

    Built over a nine year period from 1998 and a top speed of 140km/h (87mph), the BR423 is an ideal high capacity multiple unit to operate frequent stopping services on S-Bahn routes across Germany’s main city and countryside regions. In total, 462 units four car units were built by Adtranz/Bombardier, ALSTOM and ABB.

    The BR423 for Train Simulator is available in Deutsche Bahn red livery and features internal passenger view, functioning SIFA driver vigilance system, PZB90 warning system and LZB in-cab signalling.


    • BR423 in Deutsche Bahn red livery
    • Internal passenger view
    • LZB in-cab signalling
    • Functioning driver vigilance system
    • PZB90 warning system
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • Scenarios for the Munich-Augsburg route, also available on Steam.



    DB BR 423 EMU Manual

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