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    Created to fill a critical gap in the Deutsche Bahn fleet, the DB BR 612 is here! Take control of a key piece of tilting diesel technology and put it through it’s paces on the Mosel Valley Koblenz-Trier Route Add-On.

    DB’s early attempts at acquiring a fleet of tilting DMUs for un-electrified regional routes were, quite frankly, unsuccessful. Both the DB BR 610 and DB BR 611 came with significant problems in their tilting systems leading to cracked bogies, and they often spent time limited to slower speeds anyway, with their tilting systems disabled.

    The ‘final hurrah’ for DB came when they commissioned Adtranz (today part of Bombardier) to build a fleet of DMUs which were to be almost completely redesigned, aiming to avoid as many faults from previous attempts as possible. The result was the DB BR 612, part of the RegioSwinger family, which entered traffic in 1998, and after the hurdles faced with traction prior, DB finally had a more capable tilting DMU.

    Able to achieve 160 km/h in service, and improve journey times on routes laden with curves, the DB BR 612 fleet has seen consistent use across multiple regional networks in Germany, and for a time, also operated inter-city trains when the DB BR 605 ‘ICE-TD’ fleet was grounded for the seemingly common cracked axle issue.

    With great included scenarios and a host of details to guarantee a realistic experience, this will make the perfect addition to your collection!


    • Manual Door Control
    • Manual start up sequence
    • Tilting
    • Advanced lighting
    • PZB
    • Sifa
    • A change cab procedure
    • Radio
    • 3 Scenarios for the Mosel Valley Koblenz-Trier route, also available on Steam.



    DB BR 612 DMU Manual

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