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    The new-generation high performance BR 189 comes from the stable of successful Euro Sprinter locomotives built by Siemens, and is now available for Train Simulator.

    Classified as BR 189 by Deutsche Bahn, the Class is one of only a handful equipped with all four electric systems commonly used in mainland Europe and various light formations, making it capable of running on most of Europe’s rail network, including across Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Hungary. The Class was originally ordered by DB Cargo and is used primarily on freight operations with a top speed of 87mph (140 km/h).

    The majority of the Class has since been sold to private leasing company MRCE (formerly Dispolok), which has been many of the locomotives leased to freight operators across Europe. A number of BR 189s can now be seen across Germany, as well as into Switzerland and other neighbouring countries.

    The BR 189 for Train Simulator is available in the yellow and silver livery of private leasing company Dispolok, and features SIFA, PZB and LZB in-cab signalling and driver safety devices, AFB train power control, cab lights, dial lights, direct control brake (in advanced mode), and SGGRSS freight wagons.


    • BR 189 in Dispolok ‘yellow and silver’ livery
    • AFB train power control
    • SIFA vigilance device
    • PZB and LZB signalling control
    • Cab lights
    • Dial lights
    • Direct control brake (in advanced mode)
    • SGGRSS freight wagons
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 4 Scenarios for the Hamburg-Hanover route, also available on Steam.


    Dispolok BR 189 Manual

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