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    First appearing in 1926, the DR BR 44 was designed to haul heavy goods over steep gradients, and now you can recreate historic action aboard the “Jumbo”!

    In their early days, relatively few BR 44 steam locomotives were built (only 10 in fact); it wasn’t until the late 1930s that rising demands necessitated a larger fleet of heavy freight locomotives – and the 44 seemed like the best design for the job. Their 2-10-0 wheel arrangement meant they weren’t very fast, but had a high tractive effort, which meant they were able to haul up to 1,200 tonnes at any one time while also working in hilly regions, or 600 tonnes on even steeper rails.

    The BR 44 fleet quickly expanded, and with the onset of the Second World War, hundreds were produced. By the end of their production run in 1949, there were almost 2,000 in service. It was down to their numbers that they became one of the most common sights on heavy freight duties, and such would remain true until the arrival of diesel and electric traction.

    Nicknamed the “Jumbos” by those who worked on them, the DR BR 44 saw European-wide use later in their life with examples transferring to Poland, Austria, France and Czechoslovakia. Despite their vast numbers, only a handful survived into preservation with only 2 still operational.


    • DR BR 44 locomotive in clean and weathered DR and DB Red and Black liveries
    • Coal, Coal Dust and Oil-fired variants
    • Differing cabs and tenders based on firing type
    • DB Tdgs Wheat/Corn wagons with animated covers
    • DR and CSD Ucx Coal Dust wagons
    • Functional Coal Dust bunker and Wheat loading/unloading facilities
    • Simulated I60 system
    • Animated maintenance hatches and windows
    • Openable smoke box
    • Priming simulation
    • Boiler explosion simulation
    • 3 Career scenarios for Berlin – Leipzig route, also available on Steam
    • Quick Drive compatible


    DR BR 44 Manual

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