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    The modern, dual-voltage Class 319 EMU is here for Train Simulator in the familiar First Capital Connect livery as seen on Thameslink services out of London.

    Typical of EMUs built in the 1980s, the Class 319 was built by BREL York between 1987 and 1990 for north-south cross-London services from Bedford to Brighton, entering revenue-generating service in 1988. The four-car units were able to run on both overhead electrification – on lines north of Farringdon - and third rail pick-up, for lines south of Farringdon.

    Two sub-classes were originally built and over the years, the 86 trainsets have been refurbished, creating five sub-classes in total, of which four still exist. Following privatisation of British Rail, the fleet was divided between two operators, Thameslink and Connex South Central; in 2006, First Capital Connect took over the Thameslink franchise and now operates Class 319 units on Bedford to Brighton services.

    The Class 319 EMU for Train Simulator is available in First Capital Connect livery and includes a full four-car unit, comprising DTSO, MSO and TSO vehicles. Features of the model include passenger view, fully detailed cab interior, cab lighting, working cab fan, opening cab windows, two-tone horn, cab window blind, day/night running light selection, window reflections in passenger compartments, and driver vigilance device (which can be enabled and disabled).


    • Class 319 EMU in First Capital Connect livery
    • DTSO, MSO and TSO vehicles
    • Passenger view
    • Fully detailed cab interior
    • Cab lighting
    • Working cab fan
    • Two-tone horn
    • Opening cab windows
    • Cab window blind
    • Day/night running light selection
    • Window reflections in passenger compartments
    • Driver Vigilance Device
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 4 Scenarios for the London-Brighton route, also available on Steam.


    Train Simulator First Capital Connect Class 319 EMU Manual

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