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    Designed by Henry Fowler the 4F is a class of 0-6-0 locomotive created primarily for medium freight work, although it proved to be a versatile engine.

    The prototype of the 4F, the Midland Railway 3835 Class, began production in 1911 through to 1922. With a few modifications, the most obvious being the adoption of left-hand driving, the design was adopted as an LMS (London, Midland and Scottish Railway) standard and from 1924 up to 1941 a total of 575 locomotives were made for LMS.

    Withdrawals of the class started slowly in 1954 and began in earnest in 1959. The class was finally retired in 1966.

    Several 4Fs have survived into preservation, with number 44422 being the most travelled and the only surviving left-hand drive model.


    • Fowler 4F Locomotive
    • Three Snow Plough Variants
    • 3 Tender Variants
    • Overhead Wire Restricted Variants
    • 3Plank Wagon with canvas freight
    • 5Plank Wagon with canvas freight
    • 7Plank Wagon
    • LMS Standard Van
    • LMS Brake Van



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