Guiguang High Speed Railway: Guilin - Hezhou Route Add-On


    Built between 2008 and 2014, the Guiyang–Guangzhou high-speed railway (or simply Guiguang HSR) stretched between the respective capitals of the Guizhou and Guangdong provinces as part of a country-wide scheme to massively reduce journey times.

    In the case of travelling between Guiyang and Guangzhou before the new high-speed line was introduced, passengers were looking at an arduous 20 hour journey on ageing infrastructure and rolling stock; this was substantially improved with the introduction of next generation, high-speed services, which allowed for journey times of only 4 hours.

    However, such improvements came at a cost – with so many valleys to bridge over and hillsides to tunnel through (both of which comprise over 80% of the line’s total infrastructure), the Guiguang HSR racked up a bill equivalent to $13.8 billion. This mammoth cost reflects the challenges faced by the line’s designers and builders, and the will behind its construction regardless of the price tag.

    Fascinating at every passing valley and breath-taking gradient, China’s high-speed network is never one to miss, and a fascinating section has come to life as Union Workshop bring 170km of modern, high-speed operations to Train Simulator. You will be at speed between the towns of Guilin and Hezhou, aboard the Shinkansen-derived CRH2A EMU.


    • 180km high-speed route between Guilin and Hezhou
    • Includes CRH2ATX 8-car high-speed EMU
    • Equipped with CTCS signalling system
    • Fully working ATP and cruise control systems
    • Train number and destination functionality
    • 7 career scenarios, complete with audible passenger announcements
    • Quick Drive compatible





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