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    In order to adapt to the latest in firebox technology, the Great Western Railway had to alter the design of tank locomotives, switching from “saddle” water tanks to “pannier” water tanks to make everything fit. The change was an all-around success, and eventually led to some of the most prolific locomotive types in British railway history.

    There were several successful iterations of the GWR “Pannier Tanks” – such as the 5400, 6400, 5700 and 7400 classes, all of which are included in the GWR Pannier Tank Pack – the most popular of which was the 5700 fleet, which between itself and all its variants came in at over 850 locomotives strong. These locomotives were used throughout the GWR network on both passenger and freight duties. Meanwhile, other classes such as 5400 and 6400 were fitted for unique “auto-train” operation on lighter passenger duties.

    Despite being no express workers, some GWR Pannier Tank locomotives were able to achieve up to 500,000 miles during their operational lifetime, and multiple examples were some of the last steam locomotives to still be in active service with the National Coal Board, as well as London Transport. Of the plentiful 5700 Class, 16 were preserved with 6 currently operational, meaning visitors of heritage railways can get a taste of the GWR’s finest shunter.

    In Train Simulator, you have the ability to experience the GWR Panniers in incredible, authentic and almost never-ending detail. The different configuration and livery options mean you have access to hundreds upon hundreds of individual locomotives, as they were in each era. If that wasn’t enough, the GWR Panniers are accompanied by the BR-built Hawksworth A38, A39, A40 and A43 autocoaches for varied steam-era push-pull operations.


    • Extensive collection of GWR Panniers including 5400, 6400, 5700 (and 8700) and 7400 classes
    • Simple, standard and advanced driving modes
    • Xbox controller support (Simple and Standard Modes Only)
    • Customisable engine numbers and shed codes
    • Optional parts and fittings including painted or polished safety valve covers, chimney styles, lining, power discs, ATC, speedometer and much more
    • Custom sound sets inside and out
    • Realistic cab with multiple views, including dual head out and fully modelled firebox and coal
    • Realistic wheel slip physics and effects (Advanced Mode Only)
    • Simulated steam chest (Advanced Mode Only)
    • Realistic train pipe, reservoir vacuum and steam braking (Advanced Mode Only)
    • Cylinder cock management (Advanced Mode Only)
    • Boiler management with priming possible (Advanced Mode Only)
    • Realistic injector control (Advanced Mode Only)
    • Realistic “by the shovel” stoking with synchronised sound (Advanced Mode Only)
    • Dynamic steam and smoke colour and quantity
    • Realistic boiler water gauges effected by gradient, acceleration and speed and with blow down test
    • Opening windows (with rain effects), doors, weather panels and roof hatch
    • Dynamic lamp setting
    • Cab light effects including firebox glow, water gauge lamp and cab lamp
    • Second valve regulator effects (Advanced Mode Only)
    • Atmospheric AI effects
    • British Railways 63ft Autocoach
    • 76 Quick Drive consists
    • 10 scenarios spread over the following four routes, all also available on Steam. Falmouth Branch - Memories of Maerdy - Riviera Line in the Fifties - West Somerset Railway


    GWR Pannier Tank Pack Manual

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