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    Delivering mail and hauling passengers was the Saint Class’ staple throughout their operational lives, leaving London as the day comes to a close and passing through the Riviera Line in the shadow of night. The Saint Class truly was a grand example of Great Western engineering and is now ready for you to enjoy in Train Simulator, complete with unique TPO rolling stock, courtesy of Partner Programme developer, Victory Works.

    After modifications to the Great Western Railway network, converting lines into the widely adopted standard gauge, modernisation quickly came into effect. New lines that shortened the distance between London and the West Country were not seeing a dramatic change of journey times, services were still being hauled by older and slower locomotives. New traction was clearly required and G. J. Churchward, soon-to-be Chief Mechanical Engineer of the GWR, sought to deliver.

    After acquiring several experimental locomotives (and also designing his own), Churchward, who was now C.M.E. ordered a prototype loco to be built at GWR’s Swindon Works. This first prototype finished production in February 1902 and was numbered ‘100’, later being named Dean, then William Dean in honour of Churchward’s predecessor. This 4-6-0 prototype took into account of all Churchward’s initial findings, however following testing further modifications would be made to future models, leaving ‘100’ as a unique locomotive.

    A further two prototypes were built in 1903, no. 98 and No. 171, each developing on the last and also featuring a mix of 4-4-2 and 4-6-0 wheel configurations (the latter of which was eventually proven to be the best, and also chosen as the base for the new production locomotives).

    A total of four different Saint Class production series would be built between 1905 and 1913. Each series was given its own name, these were; Scott, Ladies, Saints and Courts. Multiple variants could be listed between the different series, the main differences were in the frames, boilers and smokeboxes. Combined, the four series came together to form a 77-strong fleet of Saint Class locomotives.


    • GWR 2900 Class (Saint) in Great Western Railways Livery (all 75 named members of the class and all logo versions spanning 1906 to 1947)
    • Unique Travelling Post Office Baggage vehicle with operating mail catcher and associated lineside equipment
    • Travelling Post Office Sorting coach
    • Collett "Sunshine" Composite, Third and Brake Third in Great Western livery
    • Accurate Simulation and Sounds
    • Simple, Standard & Advanced Driving modes
    • Realistic boiler water gauges affected by grade, acceleration and speed
    • Opening windows and rain effects
    • Tender water scoop compatible with Riviera in the Fifties
    • Four challenging career scenarios for the Riviera Line in the Fifties route, also available on Steam.
    • Quick Drive compatible


    Train Simulator GWR Saint Class & Travelling Post Office Manual

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