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    https://store.steampowered.com/manual/834404A total of 191 LMS 5XP locos were built by the London, Midland and Scottish Railway between 1934 and 1936, becoming one of the most-loved express passenger designs of all time – a must have for any steam lover's Train Simulator collection!

    In 1932, William Stanier arrived at the London Midland & Scottish company to become Chief Mechanical Engineer. His task was to produce a modern standard range of locomotives to allow for withdrawal of many indifferent and varied pre-grouping machines that were difficult and expensive to maintain.

    The first design of a new 4-6-0 incorporating a tapered boiler (influenced from the time Stanier spent with GWR) was commissioned in May of 1932. An initial batch of 5 made up the order, with them first appearing on display at Euston in 1934. While this was taking place, a further order was placed in June of 1933 for an additional 108 locomotives, split between Derby, Crewe and North British Locomotive works, with the Derby allocation being rushed into traffic as early as Christmas of 1934.

    After some initial teething troubles, by 1939 the entire class were working as expected, with most centred around Birmingham to Euston duties, while some had become scattered around the LMS network.

    In 1935, No. 5552 was named 'Silver Jubilee' to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V and thus the Jubilee nickname was born. Other members of the class were named after British colonies, nobleman, military leaders and battleships.

    With the ability to drive any of the 191 members of the class, in both LMS and BR eras, a whole range of advanced features, incredible detail throughout, 3 Career scenarios and so much more, the LMS 5XP Jubilee Class rightfully earns its place within the Pro Range!


    • British Railways Green livery with Early & Late Emblem
    • LMS 1930s Maroon livery
    • No. 5552 ‘Silver Jubilee’ in 1935 black and chrome livery
    • Welded and rivetted Stanier designed 4,000-gallon tenders
    • Fowler designed 3,500-gallon tenders
    • MK1 Coaches in BR Maroon with BR1 bogies
    • All 191 Jubilee nameplates
    • Authentic audio recorded from 45690 Leander on the mainline and other LMS designs
    • Customisable lamp arrangement (locomotive and tender)
    • High Intensity lamps for mainline running
    • A selection of headboards
    • Customisable loco numbers, controllinga number of features
    • Realistic performance physics
    • Realistic regulator and steam chest simulation
    • Vacuum Brake Ejectors
    • BR ATC simulation
    • Injector simulation
    • Gauge Glass blowdown
    • Realistic adhesion model
    • Stunning fire and smoke effects
    • Directional sanders
    • Functioning isolation valves in cab
    • Steam heat simulation
    • Opening cab doors, windows and vents
    • Gauge vibrations at speed
    • Performance mode for less powerful PCs
    • Water Scoop
    • Automatic Fireman
    • 3 engaging scenarios for the WCML Over Shap route, also available on Steam
    • 25 Quick Drive consists
    • Quick Drive Compatible


    LMS 5XP Jubilee Class Manual

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