LNER/BR Class A1 60163 ‘Tornado’ Loco Add-On

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    The world-famous A1 Tornado is a favourite of train fans around the world, and you can proudly drive this fantastic locomotive yourself in Train Simulator.

    Designed by Arthur H Peppercorn, of the London & North Eastern Railway (LNER). They were the last in a line of famous express passenger steam locomotives for the East Coast Main Line. The original 49 Peppercorn Class A1s were built at Doncaster and Darlington for British Railways at the end of the 1940s. However, the rapid onset of dieselisation in the 1960s meant that all were scrapped, after a life of only 15 years.

    The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, founded in 1990, built a completely new 'A1' to the original design and with the help of the latest technology. Fitted with additional water capacity and the latest railway safety electronics, Tornado is fully equipped for today’s main line railway. The Tornado add-on for Train Simulator is a wonderful recreation of this much-loved locomotive and is perfect for creating your ideal steam rail tour.


    • Peppercorn A1 Tornado Steam Locomotive in LNER Apple Green with British Railways insignia
    • Brake 1st Corridor in All Maroon
    • First Corridor in All Maroon
    • First Corridor in Crimson & Cream


    Class A1 60163 ‘Tornado’ Manual

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