Train Simulator: LNER Class V2

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    Experience a true workhorse of the LNER, the authentic and advanced LNER V2 locomotive from Just Trains!

    Introduced in 1936, the LNER Class V2 was based on the well-known Class A1/A3 pacific locomotives, albeit with smaller driving wheels, reduced boiler length and a unique 2-6-2 wheel arrangement. A total of 184 were built and their versatility saw them put to use on fast freights and express passenger services.

    All were withdrawn in the 1960s with only one preserved example, but the class also lives in Train Simulator thanks to Just Trains’ efforts to recreate the V2 to true authentic detail.

    Key Features

    • LNER Class V2 steam locomotive in various liveries:
      • LNER/BR Doncaster Green
      • LNER/BR Darlington Green
      • LNER BR Unlined Black
      • BR Lined Black
      • BR Lined Green
    • Advanced features such as:
    • Realistic reverser behaviour including reverser lock
    • Authentic vacuum brakes
    • Realistic wheelslip/slide simulation
    • Detailed audio, including quillable whistle
    • And much more
    • Includes Mk1 and Teak coaches
    • Includes 6 scenarios for the Weardale & Teesdale Network route, also available from Steam.
    • Quick Drive Compatible

    Train Simulator: LNER Class V2 Manual

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