LNER Raven Q6 Steam Loco Add-On

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    Brace yourself for a real challenge as Victory Works bring Sir Vincent Raven’s powerful fleet of LNER Q6s to life on the Weardale & Teesdale Network – the first public route to use steam locomotives! You’ll be taking control of a locomotive that was specially designed for freight-pulling power and testing yourself against every difficulty the Pro Range label can throw at you.

    The operational characteristics of the LNER Q6 are complex and the simulation captures them as such. Advanced mode can be toggled depending on how you wish to experience the LNER Q6 – when enabled you can look forward to; realistic wheelslip, simulated steam chest, realistic train pipe and reservoir vacuum braking, cylinder cock management, boiler management with priming possible, realistic injector control and realistic “by the shovel” stoking with synchronised sound.

    Being such a successful class the Q6s were rarely modified substantially, however they did have unique details such as steam heat dials, external vacuum brake pipes, piston caps, and overhead warning labels. We’ve lovingly recreated these optional fittings meaning you can decide how you wish to represent a particular member of the class!

    These incredible trains were in service for more than 50 years but the only way to experience their majesty in the modern world is here on Train Sim! Try this epic chapter in traction history today and make their story your own!


    • Raven Q6 (NER Class T2) Locomotive
    • NER Early Lined Livery (Small number plate)
    • NER Late Lined Livery (Large number plate)
    • LNER Black livery
    • LNER Wartime Black Livery
    • LNER Post-War Black Livery
    • British Railways 1948-49 Livery
    • British Railways 1950-56 Livery
    • British Railways 1956-67 Livery
    • Preserved NER Lined Livery
    • Preserved British Railways Livery
    • Custom sound sets inside and out
    • Optional parts and fittings including steam heat dial, external vacuum brake
      pipe, 5 types of piston cap, overhead warning labels and more
    • Dynamic steam and smoke colour and quantity
    • Realistic boiler water gauges effected by gradient, acceleration and speed
      and with blow down test
    • Opening windows (with rain effects) and roof hatch
    • Dynamic lamp setting
    • Cab light effects including flickering firebox glow
    • Atmospheric AI effects
    • BR Conflat S
    • NER 20 ton Hopper
    • NER 12 ton 6 Plank Wagon
    • NER 13 ton Steel Wagon
    • LNER/BR Brake Van
    • 6 scenarios for the Weardale & Teesdale Network route, also available on Steam.


    LNER Raven Q6 Manual

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