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    The distinctive Metronom ME 146 is a great add-on for Train Simulator players looking to expand their fleet of German passenger trains, complete with matching double-deck (Doppelstockwagen) coaches and driveable cab car (Steuerwagen).

    Built by Bombardier between 2004 and 2011, the ME 146 is a member of the Traxx family of electric locomotives, classified by the company as 146.2s. The design of the locomotive was based on the BR 185 operated by Deutsche Bahn.

    Metronom operates private passenger services out of Hamburg Hauptbahnhof across northern Germany, with express passenger trains denoted with ‘ME’ and regional stopping services designated as ‘MEr’ (Metronom Regional). A top speed of 160km/h (99mph) makes the ME 146 an ideal locomotive to operate the company’s express passenger services.

    The ME 146 for Train Simulator is available in Metronom’s striking blue and yellow livery and features AFB train power control, SIFA control system, PZB and LZB signalling systems and passenger view. Also included are matching double-deck Bombardier coaches (Doppelstockwagen) and a driveable cab car (Steuerwagen) for push/pull operation.


    • ME 146 in Metronom blue and yellow livery
    • AFB train power control
    • SIFA control system
    • PZB and LZB signalling systems
    • Passenger view
    • Double-deck Bombardier coaches (Doppelstockwagen)
    • Driveable cab car (Steuerwagen)
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 3 Scenarios for the Hamburg-Hanover route, also available on Steam.



    Metronom ME 146 Manual

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