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    A drive to replace ageing, costly diesel locomotives across Europe has seen a number of new generation diesel fleets enter service in recent years, including the advanced ER20 Eurorunner, now available for Train Simulator in the eye-catching MRCE black gloss livery.

    The ER20 ‘Hercules’ is considered to be one of the quietest and most efficient diesel locomotives currently operating in Europe, having been manufactured with up-to-date diesel engine technology and innovative sound insulation, alongside low exhaust emissions. The locomotive is also relatively unique in design, being made of as few parts as possible in a modular construction method, which makes construction and maintenance more efficient.

    Built by Siemens over a ten year period from 2002, the ER20 was designed to replace older freight locomotive types with lower cost maintenance and emissions. They have proved to be a popular class of locomotive, although their low production numbers – less than 100 – is only such due to the widespread electrification of Europe’s rail network reducing the need for large diesel locomotive fleets.

    Customers in Germany, Austria, Lithuania and Hong Kong placed orders for the ER20 Eurorunner for both freight and passenger operations, including MRCE, a freight locomotive leasing company who took ownership of 15 models. This fleet of black gloss liveried locomotives can be seen today hauling multimodal freight traffic across Germany and into neighbouring European countries.

    The ER20 Eurorunner for Train Simulator recreates the locomotive in the striking MRCE black gloss livery and features SIFA and PZB signalling and cab control systems, centre sprung throttle and brake controls, and accompanying Zags and Shimms freight wagons.


    • ER20 Eurorunner in MRCE black livery
    • SIFA and PZB in cab and signalling systems
    • Zags and Shimms freight wagons
    • Two-tone horn
    • Cab lighting
    • Instrument lighting
    • Driver’s sun blind
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 3 Scenarios for the Hamburg-Hanover route, also available on Steam.



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