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    One of the most modern and most powerful locomotives for cargo and passenger transport in Europe has arrived for Train Simulator.

    The MRCE ES 64 U2 ‘Taurus’ is a new generation high performance electric locomotive built by Siemens between 2000 and 2008, and part of the second generation of Eurosprinter locomotives built by the company. The first prototype ES 64 was built in 1992, although it was some years later that the Class become more widespread on the European network.

    A number of variations of the locomotive have been built and fitted since its introduction, each with their own designation to freight and/or passenger operations, and power systems supported – ‘ES’ stands for Eurosprinter (its locomotive family name), ‘64’ to the 6,400kw power at rail rating, ‘U’ to its universal ability to haul passenger and freight trains, and ‘2’ for the number of electric power systems supported.

    The ES 64 U2 ‘Taurus’ for Train Simulator is available in the black livery of private leasing company MRCE, and features AFB speed control, SIFA driver vigilance device, PZB and LZB signalling systems, and SGGRSS freight wagons.


    • ES 64 U2 ‘Taurus’ in MRCE livery
    • AFB speed control
    • SIFA driver vigilance device
    • PZB and LZB signalling systems
    • SGGRSS freight wagons
    • Quick Drive compatible
    • 4 Scenarios for the Hamburg-Hanover route, also available on Steam


    MRCE ES 64 U2 'Taurus' Manual

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