Münster - Bremen Route Add-On


    Please note that the European Loco & Asset Pack is required, as a separate purchase, in order to play the scenarios featured in this add-on.

    Built in the early 1870s, the 172 km stretch of main line between Münster and Bremen formed part of the larger Wanne-Eickel-Hamburg Railway – which had the goal of linking the Ruhr and Hamburg regions together.

    Forming such a vital inter-city connection quickly made the line one of the most bustling and important in northwest Germany – earning the nickname “Rollbahn” (Rolling Line) for constantly seeing both passenger and freight traffic traversing it at all hours.

    The line has been subject to various modernisation projects over its lifetime, some like the quadrupling of track were never seen completed due to financial crises, others like electrification in the 1960s and the upgrade to being a high speed line in the 1970s and 80s were met with nothing but success, only further fulfilling the importance of this scenic main line.

    In Train Simulator, Aerosoft have captured the Münster – Bremen route as it was in 2009, including precise recreations of all 32 stations, high quality overhead catenary and authentically represented operations. The Rolling Line is not one to miss!


    • 172 km (107 mile) route between Münster and Bremen set in 2009
    • 32 faithfully recreated stations
    • Detailed 3D catenary and vegetation
    • Authentic replication of scenery and night effects
    • Features the DB BR 145 and DB BR 401 “ICE 1”
    • Additionally features IC car and RE160-doppelstock
    • 6 engaging Career scenarios
    • Quick Drive Compatible





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