Just Trains Newcastle to Edinburgh

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    The East Coast mainline runs from London to Edinburgh and then on up to Aberdeen. The total length of the whole route is 393 miles. The section covered in this Train Simulator route expansion pack runs from Newcastle to Edinburgh - a distance of approximately 125 miles.


    • Authentic reproduction of the East Coast Mainline from Newcastle to Edinburgh
    • Route class: Modern
    • Route length: approximately 125 miles
    • 17 mainline and four branch line stations
    • Beautifully detailed and immersive scenery along the northeast coast of England and southern Scotland
    • Custom-built buildings and objects
    • Nine locomotive repaints and Just Trains Mk.1 coaches in maroon
    • Nine Standard and four Free Roam scenarios
    • Route is Quick Drive enabled
    • Just Trains all-new modern LED signals
    • Just Trains all-new overhead catenary (OHLE) 
    • Just Trains Voyager Advanced NRN function enabled


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