Train Simulator: Norfolk Southern GP50HH

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    The 3,500-horsepower Electro-Motive GP50 in unique “high-hood” configuration is now available for Train Simulator duty wearing Norfolk Southern’s distinctive livery.

    The GP50 diesel road-switcher was the successor to Electro-Motive’s successful GP40-2 and the precursor to EMD’s GP60, the latter of which helped introduce the builder’s 710-series power plant and “60-Series” locomotives. As such, the GP50 represented the final technology push for Electro-Motive’s 645-series V-16 turbocharged engine.

    Sandwiched as it was between the long-lived GP40-2 and EMD’s “60-Series” locomotives, the GP50 was predestined to be a transitional model. Nonetheless, the GP50 recorded a five-year production run (1980-1985) and 278 units were constructed for five buyers. Southern Railway was the purchaser of the largest fleet of GP50s with a total of 90 units. Santa Fe, Chicago & North Western, Missouri Pacific, and Burlington Northern (Frisco) were the other buyers.

    The Southern Railway GP50s were built to the railroad’s unique specifications of the era – the “long hood” was considered “front,” and the short-hood was “high” (full height). Southern employed its GP50s on priority intermodal and manifest trains. Even as the new GP50s arrived for Southern Railway service, the merger of Southern and Norfolk & Western into Norfolk Southern was just around the corner. NS initially continued to use the GP50s in priorities services but, as typical for most locomotives, with age the veteran GP50s took up secondary duties and often could be found handling local and branch line assignments.

    The Norfolk Southern GP50 in “high-hood” configuration has been created for Train Simulator by developer Travel by Train. Modeled with realistic details and operating controls, the Norfolk Southern GP50 DLC includes a trio of scenarios for the Norfolk Southern N-Line route (route available separately). The potent Norfolk Southern diesel will also be appropriate for use on a variety of Train Simulator routes serving as “run-through” pooled power.

    Please Note: Norfolk Southern N-Line Route Add-On is required, as a separate purchase, in order to play the scenarios featured in this add-on.

    Key Features

    • Norfolk Southern Electro-Motive 3,500-horsepower “high-hood” GP50 locomotive
    • Authentic NS livery and details; realistic controls and sounds
    • Three career scenarios for the Train Simulator Norfolk Southern N-Line route
    • Quick Drive compatible



    Train Simulator: Norfolk Southern GP50HH Manual

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