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    Explore dozens of great western miles with Just Trains’ expansive Southwestern Expressways route!

    The Southwestern Expressways route features 3 key mainlines:

    Pewsey to Taunton

    This line is part of the larger line that connects Taunton to Reading and London while bypassing the ‘Great Way Round’ via Bristol, this is the main route for long-distance journeys between the Capital and the West Country.

    Bristol to Westbury

    The line that winds its way south from Bristol to Westbury via Bath is the Heart of Wessex Line. Services on the line continue onwards towards Weymouth, making it a popular link for local trains connecting Bristol, Bradford and Westbury to the south coast.

    Bristol to Exeter

    The classic ‘Great Way Round’ route that extends the GWML from Bristol to Exeter via Taunton sees plenty of Great Western and cross-country services every day, with long-distance services diverting off at Taunton for the line via Westbury.

    Key Features

    • 167 mile route including:
      • Bristol to Exeter
      • Westbury to Bristol
      • Taunton to Pewsey
    • 26 stations
    • Numerous custom assets throughout
    • Over a dozen points of interest across the route
    • 7 Standard scenarios
    • Quick Drive compatible


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