South Western Expressways

  • JTSWE6
  • JTSWE1
  • JTSWE3
  • JTSWE5
  • JTSWE2
  • JTSWE4

This South Western Expressways route add-on is around 180 miles in length and features the Bristol to Westbury line, the Westbury to Taunton line via Somerton Tunnel, and Bristol to Exeter via Bath Spa. The route features 26 stations and numerous custom assets along with a set of 15 Standard scenarios, two Career scenarios and five Free Roam scenarios.


  • Route class: Modern
  • Beautifully detailed and immersive scenery of the South West
  • 26 custom-built stations
  • Includes two Career scenarios, 15 Standard scenarios and five Free Roam
  • Route is Quick drive enabled
  • Custom built prominent buildings and objects