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    Southern Pacific’s Electro-Motive SD45T-2 was born to battle mountains – and now the famed and rugged SP “Tunnel Motor” is ready for Train Simulator service!

    In 1972, Electro-Motive introduced become its landmark “Dash 2” series of locomotives. An evolutionary refinement of EMD’s “40 Line” of diesels, the Dash 2 locomotives featured improved traction motors and alternators, strengthened components in the EMD 645-power plant, and solid-state modular components in the electrical and control systems. Among the “Dash 2” line was a standard SD45-2, but giant Southern Pacific issued a special request to EMD to better equip its locomotives to operate efficiently in the harsh and hot conditions found within SP’s long tunnels and snow sheds. Accordingly, the 3,600-horsepower, six-axle SD45T-2 (the “T” standing for “Tunnel”) was designed with rear air intakes located right above the frame to access cleaner air in tunnels and snow sheds and radiators placed at the top of the boxy rear of the locomotive. The SD45T-2s immediately earned the nickname “Tunnel Motors.”

    Southern Pacific (and subsidiary Cotton Belt) acquired 247 SD45T-2s between 1972 and 1975, and the locomotives could be found working system wide. But, of course, the SD45T-2s had been created to work in mountain country and the rugged “Tunnel Motors” were most at home, and most impressive to witness, battling the railroad’s famed mountain crossing such as Donner Pass, Tehachapi, and the remote Cascade Line.

    The Southern Pacific SD45T-2 comes to Train Simulator provided in three authentic SP liveries: SP’s Tunnel Motors were delivered in the railroad’s traditional scarlet and gray livery, later wore a similar livery with large and flashy “speed lettering,” and 14 SD45T-2s are known to have be dressed in the red-and-yellow “Kodachrome” livery intended for the aborted merger of Southern Pacific with the Santa Fe. Along with these liveries, the SP SD45T-2 is also provided with standard and “L” style windshield designs, and with winter snow covering.

    And that’s not all. The pack features a remarkable selection of freight equipment, including a Gunderson articulated 5-table Twin-Stack car (in empty, single-stack, and double-stack configurations); a 50-foot “Hydra-Cushion” livery SP boxcar; Pacific Fruit Express R-70-12 mechanical refrigerator car; and a SP C40-7 steel bay-window caboose. The pack also features five career scenarios for use on the Train Simulator Donner Pass route (route available separately) and, is Quick-Drive compatible. Southern Pacific’s distinctive “Tunnel Motor” -- the Electro-Motive SD45T-2 – is now ready to go to work in Train Simulator!


    • Southern Pacific Electro-Motive SD45T-2 “Tunnel Motor” diesel
    • Three authentic Southern Pacific livery variations
    • Highly authentic operating features and controls
    • Standard and “L” windshield designs
    • Gunderson articulated 5-table Twin-Stack car (in empty, single-stack, and double-stack configurations)
    • 50-foot “Hydra-Cushion” livery SP boxcar
    • Pacific Fruit Express R-70-12 mechanical refrigerator car
    • SP C40-7 steel bay-window caboose
    • Five career scenarios for the Donner Pass: Southern Pacific route, also available on Steam.
    • Quick Drive compatible


    Southern Pacific SD45T-2 Manual

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    EMD SP45T-2 - History

    Do you have an interest in the history of the EMD SP45T-2 locomotive? Our friends over at American Rails have an excellent site documenting the history of this and many other North American locomotives. Click here to take a look.

    Image by Terry Cantrell and used under Creative Commons license.

    Image showing Kansas City Southern Railway #4504, EMD SD45T-2