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    Unique electric action comes to life with RSSLO’s striking SŽ Series 363 locomotive for Train Simulator!

    The SŽ Series 363 was built between 1975 and 1977 on order from Slovenian Railways. The design was derived from the French Class BB15000, albeit modified to be suitable for the Italian-developed 3 kV DC catenary. A total of 39 were delivered for use on both passenger and freight trains.

    The design of the locomotive is memorable and characterful, with its inverted wedge-shaped cab housing a distinctive array of controls and switches, unlike anything else typically seen on European rails.

    Boasting over 3900 horsepower and capable of 125 km/h, the SŽ Series 363 is iconic and powerful, and you can put it to use in Train Simulator.

    Key Features:

    • SŽ Series 363 electric locomotive in red and white livery
    • Authentic driving controls, including the driving wheel
    • Start-up procedure
    • Shunting motor simulation
    • Series and parallel circuit functionality
    • Basic and advanced SIFA implementation
    • Classic PZB (I 60) implementation
    • 3 Career scenarios for Südbahn: Bruck an der Mur – Maribor route
    • Quick Drive compatible


    SŽ Series 363 Manual

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