Just Trains Atlantic High Speed Route


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    Experience the high speed TGV Atlantique on the 220km Atlantic High Speed route running south-west from Paris Montparnasse to St-Pierre-des-Corps station in Tours, passing through the two high speed stations at Massy-TGV and Vendome-TGV.

    As you travel at up to 300 km/h you will pass through the beautiful landscape to the south-west of Paris. The Quick Drive enabled route includes numerous custom and animated objects and also winter textures. Expansive freight yards, engine workshops and depots are included. Ten Standard scenarios and four Free Roams are also included.

    The included TGV trains, supplied in several liveries, have the in-cab TVM signalling system to allow running at up to 300 km/h and are supplied in several authentic consists. The TGV has an authentic start-up procedure, dual-voltage pantograph operation, cruise control, operating nose covers and custom sounds and passenger views.


    • Runs between Paris Montparnasse and St-Pierre-des-Corps, Tours
    • 220 km route length
    • Includes low and high speed track sections
    • Speed limit of 300 km/h on the high speed sections
    • Two high speed stations at Massy and Vendome
    • Large marshalling areas for freight marshalling
    • Two engine workshops and depots
    • Includes a very large range of custom scenery objects and animations
    • Winter textures
    • Beautiful landscape south-west of Paris
    • Authentic French railway signalling and signage
    • Quick Drive enabled
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