Train Simulator: Totham: Passengers, Power & Freight

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    Totham is a fictional UK route from Just Trains, of around 30 miles in total length, giving you a great range of tasks and a variety of interesting places to visit.

    Totham is designed to give you the best of all rail simulation worlds, with halts and stations for intense passenger services and Intermodal container and freight depot marshalling yards for freight operations. If you want heavy haulage, then there are two coal-powered merry-go-round power stations as well as a nuclear power plant on the Axford branch line which requires high security deliveries. A mail depot and car terminal ensure that there is always lots to do!

    Parts of the route are based around an estuary which houses a large oil terminal near to the Traincare facility. Large parts of the route are electrified, allowing to you use your own overhead electric stock.

    From bustling urban Portsbridge, north to the flat estuary area of Bleaton, and due west past the docks and freight depots and through to the beautifully laid out countryside past Plainview Halt and to the end of the line at Merryhill Parkway, Totham is a complete route for you to savour and enjoy.

    Key Features

    • 30-mile fictional route including a main line and 3 branch lines
    • 13 stations
    • Power stations, freight yards and depots
    • 5 Standard and 1 Free Roam scenarios included
    • Quick Drive compatible

    Train Simulator: Totham: Passengers, Power & Freight Manual

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